I facilitated a workshop where the team at CyberVista addressed communication as a problem that needs periodic reassessment.

Periodic reassessment occurs not because of need, but because something has not been assessed for a long time. It’s a means of looking at things that are often times taken for granted.

How can CyberVista infuse personality and meaningful connections into daily communication? How can CyberVista connect with team members they may not work directly with? How can CyberVista gain efficiency and authenticity in workplace communication? 


Sentence completion was used as a technique to extract value out of individual experiences.

The following pages include problem statement worksheets completed by the CyberVista team. These artifacts tell individual stories that reveal frustrations and obstacles that pertain to communication.

Sentence completion exercise adapted from the team at EightShapes.

Sentence completion exercise adapted from the team at EightShapes.


Extracting Value

The team came together to talk through each other’s problem statement worksheets and ultimately craft a final challenge statement based on collective feelings.

When crafting a challenge statement in a group setting, ideas tend to be similar across team members. Radically new ideas do not typically occur. Creativity was diminished in the group setting, but was quickly revived when focus shifted to an individual exercise. 

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In order to develop specific + actionable ideas, the team must first “empty the box” through brainstorming.

Equipped with 3x3 post-it notes, the team was instructed to come up with initial ideas individually that would solve the problem statement we identified. When each participant exhausted their individual ideas, we collaborated to generate an additional round of more specific ideas.


Team Reflections

My immediate thought was that I naturally do not think of myself as a strong creative thinker. I was concerned about how much I would be able to contribute to the group and exercise.
I was concerned that, since the exercise was work related, I couldn’t be open about work issues with my colleagues and supervisors present. However, it proved to be a welcoming environment.
I learned that it is much easier to be heard and more importantly understood in smaller groups. Sharing ideas and voicing thoughts come off much more genuine and can be taken more seriously.